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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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realities. that's when they hung up. >> i'm in for wolf blitzer and erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >p next, an american h begs the president for help. p >> you are>> you are a fa you understand the deep meant mental anxiety. >> his close friend joins us next. plus, ups and fed-ex under fire. >> i waited around for hours and hours to show up and it never can. >> how many christmas gifts are still mia? and another victim of the so-called knockout game. why the federal government is now involved. >> his faith was on this side. you see three plates here. >> let's go "outfront."
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>> good evening. american held hostage. warren weinstein was abducted two years ago in pakistan and now a new video says he feels abandoned and forgotten by his own country. in the video released christmas day, he pleads with president obama to negotiate for his release can the u.s. says it will not do. now the very latest from the state department. >> nine years ago, i came to pakistan to help my government. >> reporter: in this 13-minute video released christmas day, 72-year-old warren weinstein urges president obama to negotiate with al qaeda for his freedom. >> now when i need my government, it seems i have been totally abandoned and forgotten. >> reporter: cnn cannot
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guarantee authenticity of the video which appears to have been made under duress. last year, al qaeda leader al zawahiri boasted capturing weinstein. weinstein was abducted from 2011 from his residence in pakistan. al zawahiri called on muslims to kidnap westerners in order to free sheikh rahman. the master mine between the 1993 world trade central bombing. and there were other demands, releasing all prisoners in guantanamo and stopping bombings in afghanistan, pakistan and other countries. >> my name is warren weinstein. >> reporter: al qaeda has released other videos with weinstein with which he appeals to the obama administration. but u.s. officials say their policy is not to negotiate with
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al qaeda. and al qaeda's attempt to use him as a bargaining chip makes it situation difficult. >> the demands is the man responsible for the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. >> wine seen the said he thinks of it every day. >> i would like to ask my family not to give up hope. unless you continue to try to get president obama and his administration to actively that you are soos, we may never see each other again. >> thursday the state department said it is trying to verify that video. but that weinstein should be release asked especially at this holiday season. don? >> thank you very much. appreciate that. i am joined now exclusively by a close friend of warren weinstein. she is the only person outside his family that weinstein
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mention in addition letter he recently send to the media asking for help. thank you for joining us. when you see your dear friend in that video, what goes through your mind? >> i'm overwhelmed. i think it is a terrible thing that he has been in captivity almost two and a half years. and i very much hope that the american government can do whatever is possible to get him released. warren is a person -- >> continue on. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. warren is a person who has devoted much of his life to human rights and to developments, to trying to change the world, to make it a little better for people all over the world. and to then be, to find himself in this kind of situation is a very sad thing.
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>> when you look at the video, it is a dramatic change from the prior videos we've seen of him. he is suffering from a heart condition and acute asthma. to the media he said this. given my age and my health, i don't have time on my side. how concerned are you for him? >> i'm very concerned. he is 72 years old. quite honestly, i didn't recognize him in the picture. he has changed so dramatically from the person he used to be in terms of appearance and i would hope something could be done so he has a chance to be reunited with his family, his wife, his children and grandchildren and not to have to die in a foreign country far away from those he loves. >> speaking of his family, have you spoken with his family recently and if so, how are they
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doing? >> i have not spoken with his family recently. i talk with his wife some months ago and she was quite in despair. but hoping very much that he would in fact be released. that the american government would do whatever was possible to secure his release. >> what is the message to your dear friend? >> hang on, warren. there are people out here who remember you, who think about you, who love you and really want you to come home. so if you can hang on until that happens, that would be fabulous. >> why do you think he mentioned you in the letter? >> i don't know specifically. we go back a long way. in the early 1970s, when we were both young academics, we worked together on human rights. and warren was one of the people who hemmed me found an organization called human rights internet which i ran for more than 20 years. we wrote together.
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we did some editing. some writing together. i must say in the last few years we've lost touch with each other. he's always been one of my good friends and i still consider him a very dear friend and i would very much like to see him released and be able to come back and enjoy the rest of his life. >> the state department says they're doing all they can. do you think they're doing enough? >> i don't know what they're doing. i'm afraid i'm not privy to what they are or are not doing. but i would just hope that they would do their utmost to see that somebody who has worked for the american government, he worked with usaid. he worked in an agency that has been working on development in pakistan that was very much trying to support the poor people of pakistan, to try to get some development in that
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country. i would hope what america also believes in, this he would do everything possible to get him out of this terrible situation he is in. i think they owe it to him and i think they owe it to all american citizens who put their lives on the line that they could count on the government when they are in a situation of this sort. >> our thoughts are with you, with him and his family and friends. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> still to come on cnn, ups and fed-ex customers outraged their packages at any time right in time for christmas. plus, a million-dollar, multimillion-dollar security system is supposed to deem newer airports safe. why did a man in drag make his way on to the runway? and justin bieber tells the internet he is quitting show business. is it too good to be true? (vo) you are a business pro.
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santa claus came late this year with widespread complaints of packages arriving late. some including myself. still waiting. the companies say the late thanksgiving combined with the fallout from an icestorm earlier this month could be to blame for holding up deliveries. have a good one. >> reporter: it is a delivery this atlanta woman was hoping she would get before christmas, not the day after. >> anlt climactic. i had to run out the day before christmas. get my daughter something else. >> reporter: it is a story we've seen play out throughout the country after thousands of gifts that were supposed to be delivered before christmas sat in ups warehouses instead. this pretty much sums it up. >> i waited around for hours and
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hours to show up and it never did. >> reporter: in a statement released wednesday, ups said in part the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network immediately preceding christmas so some shipments were delayed. no deliveries or pick-ups were scheduled for christmas day. ups resumed shipping on thursday and said they hope the complete deliveries by friday. some in san francisco didn't want to wait so they picked then up themselves. he has no choice but to wait it out. >> i think to be a little understanding. sometimes you can't get everything you want the way you want it. and i think you have to be a little patient. i'm sure they're trying as hard as they can. >> reporter: you were ps was not alone. fed-ex says they had some late deliveries but they called them isolated. both companies said they were handling hundreds of million of
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shipment in addition compressed holiday time frame since thanksgiving was about a week later this year. and remember the icestorm a couple weeks back? they say that didn't help either. >> i am very upset. >> why? >> because the people that i ordered it from guaranteed it. >> reporter: a congressman from connecticut is calling on ups to issue shipping refunds to those customers but at this point it is unclear what if anything ups will be doing for these customers. we know that at least has offered to issue shipping refunds and give gift cards to some of the customers affected by the backlog. >> thank you very much. a high-tech security system wasn't enough. not enough to nab a cross dressing man had a homd a fence late last night and wandered right on to the runway. new york is one of the busiest airports in the country and it is raising troubling questions
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about its security. >> reporter: $100 million have been spend on securing the security of the airports but it wasn't enough to stop one intruder from getting on to the runway. he jumped the airport's security fence. he made his way across two runways before reaching gate 70 at terminal c where an airline employee stopped him. police arrested him and charged him with tres baghdading. they say he was wearing women clothes and he said he was in someone's car when he got spooked and ran off. official say planes were never in danger but it raises questions about the airport's expensive security system. >> when it is working and work, it is a layer above the regulatory standards. >> reporter: the multimillion-dollar question, how did the suspect get through a gate without getting stopped?
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it includes radar, motion detecting cameras and other technology. it is meant to signal police when the perimeter is breached. the same system came under fire in 2012 at new york's jfk airport when a jet skier who ran out of fuel was able to come out of the water and on to the tarmac again undetected. the new york-new jersey port authority put out a statement saying the preliminary investigation indicates the perimeter detection system worked properly during the incident. the statement goes on to say, investigators are questioning employees, quote, to determine why it took an unacceptably long time to locate the suspect. >> it is very disturbing. you have this system that has been installed and tested over the last several years. and there continue to be different breaches at the different airports in the port authority jurisdiction. >> live at new york airport. i saw what the port authority said earlier. do they have anything else to
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say for themselves? >> well, tonight they tell us that they have reviewed hours of surveillance video and they tell us they've located an image of the suspect jumping over that fence. so they are saying that in fact, this system worked and an alarm sounded when the suspect jumped over the fence. from here the investigation will focus the person who was monitoring the cameras and the alarms. >> kind of strange with such an expensive system. no image and now they know. still to come, anchor man ii was one of the most hyped movies of the year. did it live up to the hype? and mcdonald's tells its employees to stay away from fast fad. no. really. play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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stiff competition at this year's christmas box office with the hobbit holding on to its number one spot for the third straight week. for many, the big surprise was anchor man ii which came in third place yesterday. unless you live in a cave, you too have been bombarded by the anchorman ii marketing blitz. was it all worth the hype? >> the first one was so quotable. this was wacky from start to finish. >> there were some moments that were absolutely hilarious but not steve carrell. >> are you going to see anchor man? >> no. >> it was a little over the top. >> i feel like it maybe a little over himd. i heard three girls walking by, oh, no more anchor man stuff. >> scotch, scotch, scotch. rob is here, the host of the gossip table on vh 1 which is on my dvr.
4:22 pm
>> i'm going to call in one day. so this marketing blitz has been relentless. i want to show you before we talk a couple of the places that will ferrell popped up. there is mo-vember. >> do you go with the fuller mustaches? >> do you see any ron burgundy here? >> pretty good sax back here. >> everyone is watching. ♪ >> stay classy winnipeg. >> yes. >> which of course in latin means? >> coming in. thank you. am i supposed to read that? >> is that like -- we won't say that. i wonder if that helped sell any tickets. to me, listen. i'm an anchor man. i loved the anchor man movie. it feels anti-climactic. >> a lot of industry people that
4:23 pm
i spoke to say they might have done too much press if that's at all believable. he did so many shows that a lot of people say they felt hike they saw the movie even though they didn't actually buy a ticket. >> so there is such a thing as too much press? >> they did a lot of press in character. i think this was a little offputting. they felt out of the jokes and the end result is the movie came in number three. and i think they were hoping for number one. the number are still good. christmas day is a massive day. >> part of the reason for the segment, i was home with my family watching, all these movies are opening one after the other. i wonder how everything did. i wanted to compare it to the original in 2004. the original made $36.5 million in its first five days. adjusted for inflation it comes to $47 million. according to box office mojo, it only made about $40 million in the first five days. how did that happen?
4:24 pm
>> that's the big question. we were saying this movie did fine. it did do fine until you compare it like with the original. they were trying to build on this original movie. they thought they had a block bust order their hands. they were putting out numbers much, much higher. i think they'll be shocked. people didn't turn up. new people didn't turn up to see it. plus, people who love the original did not turn up or have not gone yet. we're just talking about one day. >> not a failure. >> on christmas day. not everybody goes to see movies. >> but there are a lot of movies open. to be fair here, there was very serious competition. the hoblt, hugely popular. the wolf of wall street. highly anticipated. can we talk that up? >> i think the wolf was a fast itting in a movie. a lot of people wanting to see leo. his fifth collaboration with the director. >> what about its reviews?
4:25 pm
i'm hearing respected people were like, we don't like this. >> a lot of people do not like this movie. i think a lot of people are very intrigued, they're very smart to put this out there. leo is naked for a lot of the movie. you know what? maybe not for you. >> come on! >> he has talked about it. he said there was no stunt double. that is all leo. >> it wasn't like dirk. the reviews, what i read was, and some of the reviews, is that people, it is very highly anticipated. once people get to see it they may not like it so much and it may go down. other people said i love it. >> it is 2:59. it is long. it just got short of getting that very, very x-rating. they had to cut a couple of sex scenes. word of mouth has been good and leo has an enormous fan base.
4:26 pm
>> and the hobbit. you cannot go wrong. >> i saw it. loved it. happy holidays. >> always a pleasure. still to come. another victim of the so-called knockout game. was this a hate crime? plus the biggest blunders of 2013. we're counting them down. >> i am the first to acknowledge that the website that was supposed to do this all in a seamless way has had way more glitches than i think are acceptable, and we've got people working around the clock to do that. and we've seen some significant progress. until it is 100%, i won't be satisfied. ♪ how do you explain the feeling of this place? of pulling close the things you love. of days that crash headlong into night. and nights that say nothing but yes. you don't explain it.
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you just experience it. los cabos. live it to believe it.
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welcome back. more than 200,000 people still without power in michigan, new england and canada. wintry weather slammed the area, knocking down trees and power lines and leaving families without electricity for the holidays. with below freezing temperatures, hundreds spent christmas at red cross shelters. power crews are working around the clock but may not be able to restore lines until this weekend. now to a super size pr blunder, mcdonald's has taken town the employee website resource line. its latest internal tip, stay away from fast food? the site advised employees to avoid the chain's signature cheese burger and fries and opt for healthier options like a sandwich and salad. this isn't the first embarrassment. it also encouraged workers to get a second job and suggest their monthly budgets should not include money for extravagances like heat.
4:31 pm
the company says the site is being reevaluated. a texas man is being charged with a hate crime with an assault on a so-called elderly black man. you're looking at video of another such attack where people are trying to knock out unsuspecting victims with a single punch and try to catch the attack on video. the victim in this case suffered two jaw fractures and was hospitalized for several days. poppy harlow joins me now. >> this was just unsealed. federal officials have charged a 27-year-old. his name is conrad alvin barrett. they've charged him with a federal hate crime. they say he punched a 79-year-old african-american man back in late november right in the jaw. so hard, don, that it fractured his jaw. he had to have metal plates put in two places. he allegedly laughed knockout and then fled to his vehicle, fled the scene them charged him
4:32 pm
with one count of violating the hate crimes prevention act. the xlanlt says that he allegedly record himself committing this act but also some other videos. i want to read you a complaint. it reads on the video described by the offduty investigator, he states, the plan is to see if write to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised? the question is why? where does race fit in here and why would he say something like that? i've spoken through the day extensively with his employer. he wouldn't comment on the issue of race but he said, his client has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, that he is on medicine and he said, quote, mental health issues definitely played a part in anything that occurred but he wouldn't say if his client did this or not. >> the complaint, we're going to talk about race with the panel. it mentions other video in which
4:33 pm
he mentions the "n" word. he said african-americans haven't fully experienced the blessing of evolution. what is the fbi saying about that? what is the penalty if he is convicted? >> if he is indicted, if he is convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison, a quarter million-dollar fine. he had an appearance in court. he'll have a public hearing tomorrow where the lawyer tells me we'll learn more. i asked the lawyer about these clearly racist remarks in the affidavit. and he said two things. one, the affidavit doesn't mention the mental issues. but he said this is very bizarre to me. he said his client studied anthropology. that he took an anthropology course by a professor who said something almost a direct quote to what you just read about the quote/unquote blessings of evolution. so how or does that college course play in here at all? that may be part of the defense. >> using that as an excuse? >> we don't know.
4:34 pm
>> the fbi released this statement. it is unimaginable in this day and age that one could be drawn to violently attack another based on the color of their skin. we remind all citizens that we are protected under the law from such racially motivated attacks. and encourage everyone to report such crime to the fbi. we'll hear a lot more from the attorney representing barrett tomorrow. we turn now to commentator mark lament hill. thank you for joining me. my first question to you, you heard what poppy said there. she told us the possible defense according to barrett's lawyer will be mental health. how strong is the federal case here? >> it looks very strong. the statement quoted by the prosecutor is that he said he wanted to attack a black person to get on national television. he certainly succeeded in accomplishing that and he'll be watching reruns for ten years in
4:35 pm
federal prison. it looks like a very, very strong case. unless he is pleading the insanity defense, the fact that he is bipolar, he suffers from mental illness is not a defense from this crime. you would have to prove you were legally insane for this to be a defense to the crime. this case turns a stereo type on its head. it is an isolated incident. is there more going on here? >> i think there's more going on here. i think what it speaks back to is this narrative that was developed that there was this surge of black youth running around the country beating up innocent white people. the truth is this knockout game is a vicious thing. it is cowardly, unacceptable. it is really happening across racial lines. black kids are doing it. white kids are doing it. this is no racial pattern. this is just irresponsible dangerous behavior. >> you've record on it with me several times. we're not even sure that there is such a thing called a knockout game because according to investigators, police
4:36 pm
departments, this has been als happening since 1992 and other iterations, other names. >> exactly. when you look at crime reports, you look at anecdotal evidence, and you look at the actual date. a young people have been attacking people for at least 20 years now. what the term knockout game allows the media to do, certain people engaged in a moral panic to do, to create a very neat term for a set of practices that are unpredictable, they don't have a common thread across them. calling it a knockout game is too easy. >> this isn't the only it is dent being linked to a hate crime. how much more closely will prosecutors be at this for any sign of racial motivation from here on out? >> i know from my own experience as a prosecutor, when you see a pattern developing with respect to crime and sometimes and i have to agree with the professor.
4:37 pm
prosecutors will be far more alert and i think you'll see far more prosecutions. i have to stay fact that he was a 79-year-old elderly man i think is probably the most important factor. he was a helpless elderly person being brutally beaten for this motive of getting on national television. >> the fact that he wanted to get on national television, it has been reported that people are doing it just for fun. as some dare to their friend. does it make a difference that he is doing this just to be on television? does it make it any less of a hate crime? >> well, no. i think it makes it more reprehensible. this is intersection of racism and social media. it is a racist crime. he is also motivated by the idea to make himself famous which is easy to do because he can film his crime and post it on the internet. we're entering a brave new world of reprehensible crimes that are being prosecuted.
4:38 pm
>> you know, in just this conversation and others you've been very critical of the media. are we giving him what he wanted for this type of incident? >> i'm afraid so. his primary goal was to get on tv and we're here talking about it. it is happening in civic pockets all around the country. we have to be careful not to overglorify the person committing the crime. this is disgusting. i think the most duringing thing. he said it took him a week to work up the courage to do this. what kind of courage does it take on attack a 79-year-old helpless man? >> the flip side is it is covering it provides a warning to other kids out there. >> i don't think it is such a bad thing that we're covering. it sends that message. >> there have been people injured. >> alleged perpetrators injured
4:39 pm
and are spending time many jail because of it. thank you. happy holidays. we appreciate you coming here the day after christmas. >> still to come, anthony weiner said 2013 didn't go the way he hoped. but was his the biggest blunder of the year? and later in the show. justin bieber said he is ready to hang up his microphone. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. every weekend worked, every idea sold... ♪ deserve a cadillac,
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. i see you have to striped tie memo the day after christmas. i haven't had a chance to officially welcome you on television. welcome. >> did you get the same tie from my mom? >> i did. your mom serve me a tie. >> it looks better on you. >> thank you.
4:43 pm
it is great to be here filling in for ac. >> we're going to have the very latest on this icestorm. a deadly icestorm from maine to michigan, leaving a half million homes without power. also, a stunning new study that suggests that hundreds of thousands of people maybe undergoing a very common knee surgery ennecessarily. this is like a $4 billion a year surgical method. it turns out that a kiss from your mom on your knee may be just as effective. we'll talk to a doctor who thinks the way knee injuries are treated. and through the miracle of videotape, back through the biggest scandals and lies including manti te'o, lance armstrong, rob ford, paula deen among the gallery. the countdown continues of the viewer's choice for the top ridiculist of 2013. number three, the night wolf blitzer hijacked the ridiculist. i know if you were available to
4:44 pm
vote you would have picked that one. >> thank you. all week long we're taking a look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the past year. and i'm getting the final word on the biggest blunder from 2013. and there was no shortage of gaffes. what was the worst one? here to make the case is our senior media correspondent. brian is a smart one. the founder of inspire mel robins. >> you don't mind being called gorgeous, that's not sexist, is it? >> no, please, every day when you're a mother of three you never hear that. >> then there is dean who is a columnist for the daily beast. okay. i have to come up with something for you that is equally as insulting as i complimented --? you've already got it. just in your tone. >> since i'm insulting you. what is the biggest blunder?
4:45 pm
>> we're all aware of it. i'll give my little spiel and you can rule in my fare right there. the obama website rollout fiasco. let me say this. if i was known by my name, i would make sure that website worked perfectly. people cannot pronounce it. >> roll the clip. >> boo-ya! >> that was supposed to do this all in a seamless way has had way more glitches than i think are acceptable, and we've got people working around the clock to do that. and we've seen some significant progress. until it is 100%, i won't be satisfied. did you say boo-ya before the clip? 2003 called and wants his word back. >> i rest my case.
4:46 pm
what more do you need? three and a half years ago and the rollout come out how that and the website was a night player. it was an aol dial-up website at some point. it took two months to at least get working will. >> can anyone make that sound? remember that? why is he wrong? >> of all the ways to embarrass me, i won't embarrass myself that way. >> why is he wrong? >> it is too predictable. it is too obvious. we've spent the whole year talking about health care. i for one am tired of it. the website seems to be working better now. do you want me to tell you my pick? >> no. not yet. i'm got go melee mel. >> that was my nickname in hail. thank you for that. it is an i.t. problem. we've all experienced issues with technology on. some level this is just a phone in kind of problem. as brian said, we've all forgotten about it. we're sick of talking about it.
4:47 pm
no way was this the biggest one. >> he's shaking his head. since you are chomping at the bit. >> my biggest blunlder is right here in new york. it involved one of the candidate for mayor that never should have run. >> i made some big mistakes and i know i let a lot of people down. i'm running for mayor. i hope i get a second chance to work for you. >> we love this city. and no one will work harder to make it better than anthony. >> i failed. big time. i hurt a lot of people. when you dig yourself a hole you can lie the rest of your life or do something positive. >> i could not pick just one. these two candidates for these two offices, deciding to run for these jobs. those were the two biggest blunders of the year. >> those are gifts. if you're in the media business, are you kidding me.
4:48 pm
>>? when i saw anthony, i couldn't help but think about the underwear pictures. then i saw, is anybody else going, creepy! >> i definitely wasn't thinking of the underwear pictures. >> don't get me wrong. that's not what i meant. >> here's why that cannot be the biggest blunder. at one point two of these guys leading in the polls. wasn't such a bad blunder, a decision to run for office when they could have would have been. >> quick thing? >> i don't know what did you at the new york time. you can't pick two things. that is so unfair. you double barreled against us. >> dean, i'm judge lemon. i make the rules and i said that brian could pick two. >> that's ridiculous, judge lemon. >> all right. your turn. >> yes. this was fairly recently. it happened on a network that competes with this one. martin bashir who used to have a
4:49 pm
show at 4:00. he said the following. let's see if we can roll that clip. >> when she invoked slavery, she confirm if anyone truly qualified for a doefs discipline from thomas thistlewood, she would be the outstanding candidate. last friday on this broadcast, i made some comments which were deeply offensive and directed at governor sarah palin. i wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry to mrs. palin. >> do you want to explain what those comments were so i can make real decision here? >> okay. i'll try to make this. it is national television. he basically recommended someone should deficate in her mouth. he thought about this and put night teleprompter and a segment producer, an executive producer and a copy editor all approved these comments. so he could apologize all he
4:50 pm
wants. once the toothpaste is out of tube, it costs a job and in this case, bashir resigned, probably in a forced manner. >> as i was watching you, did you wince when he said that? am i right? >> i was wincing the whole time. >> you were? it caused me to go, did he really -- that's what he insinuated from that speech, mel. >> well, sticks and stones may break your bones but names -- calling me names will never hurt me. it is still just words he apologized. i don't think it is excited about your blunlder. >> i'm not excited. it's a terrible thing. >> is sit really? >> horrible. >> all right -- >> the entire george zimmerman, trayvon martin travesty was the biggest blunder from that evening him getting out of the car to the way the case was investigated to the six weeks between the night trayvon martin
4:51 pm
was killed and it took zimmerman to the way the media reported it to the fact that this was then dragged out into a trial that became the most watched tv for a large part of 2013 only to end in a verdict that left the nation completely unresolved about what had happened? i think everything about how this case was handled to the verdict and by the way, at the moment we're talking, george zimmerman just got his guns back from when they were taken a couple months ago. this whole thing biggest blunder of 2013. >> okay. but you got the clip. >> oh -- >> this guy is so fired up -- >> i got so fired up -- >> blundered on the clip. >> disqualified. >> this is the biggest blunder of this particular segment. no, this is a serious story. we'll look at the clip and talk more. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> it's a stutter nancy, shock and awe, frankly. >> i think they put on a terrific case. >> this was ridiculous.
4:52 pm
these prosecutors were so out of their league -- >> because of the heat of the moment and the stand your ground. he had a right to defend himself. >> this verdict will not define trayvon. we will define trayvon. >> so, i'm going to ask -- i mean, do you think -- i mean, this was pretty surprising to a lot of people, but for those of us that are watching the trial, the prosecution really didn't do as well of a job as most people thought they should have done. brian, you're with the new york times. what was the assessment then? >> this was a case that did get the whole country talking, but many people, maybe even most people disagreed with the verdict, but we do have to, at the end of the day, believe in our justice system, to say it's the biggest blunder of the year, across the country means we don't have faith in the justice system. >> okay. anybody else want to weigh in before i make my decision? >> i'm confused who mel chose for the blunder. did mel get nine --
4:53 pm
>> i took an entire 18-month period. the prosecution, the verdict wasn't surprising. i sat in the courtroom for six weeks and covered it for this network and hln and they didn't have the case. they overcharged it. everything how they handle that travesty was a blunder. >> so everybody is the answer. >> yes. >> yes. >> i win. >> just want to clarify before judge -- >> we're arguing in an unfair -- all women do this, don't we? we do whatever we need to win the argument. >> my wife watches this show. i'm not counting on it. >> don, the obamacare website, anybody with a cold has a problem because of it, okay? >> grab for straws, go for it. >> all right. here we go. >> god, this is going to be a tough one. are you guys ready? okay. so here is what i think. hmmmm. this is a tough one. can i have a tie producers? no? yes? no? i guess not. here is what i'm going to say.
4:54 pm
think the biggest blunder of 2013, i think mel is right. i think it was the george zimmerman verdict because it was a case that got the entire country and if you look at george zimmerman's antics now. listen, he was found not guilty. people, even the jurors were looking back going hey, what did we do? do we make the right decision? mel? >> some of them are saying publicly after the verdict they tried every way that they could under the through find him guilty on something, and the evidence just wasn't there. i'm sure it's heart breaking to now see the way this puz, putting it nicely on cnn is going about life. it's like the casey anthony trial. we all felt this chick is guilty, and we can't nail her for it. >> i think we thought he would be found guilty of something and that didn't happen. dean, you seemed really upset by this, why?
4:55 pm
>> do. i lost again -- >> i thought you were upset about something serious about the case. >> with the verdict, definitely. i'm upset you're bias because you haven't went to the obamacare website because you have insurance through your employer so you don't need to. i know i lost but i'm just throwing a last pitch in there. >> i'm impressed we were able to work defecate and putz into the same segment. >> you're supposed to be a graceous loser, not a sore loser. there is more where that came from. tomorrow night's edition of final word, the biggest implosion. one of the world's most popular singers announces his retirement, but does he mean it? of back pain... e and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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[ male announcer ] that's handy. there's no secondhand smoke in here... ...and no cigarette advertising around here. there's a reason we know this is really bad... ...and this is really good. there's a reason 2 in 3 people are surviving cancer. and we cannot be silent until it's 3 out of 3. this shout-out is for everything the american cancer society has done in the last 100 years. make your tax-deductible donation by december 31st and help finish the fight.
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4:58 pm
justin bieber said he was retiring on christmas eve.
4:59 pm
the beebs said beloved believers, i'm officially retiring. his fans panicked and begged hip to stay no show biz despite it was the second time in many weeks he announced he was quitting. on december 18th he announced he was leaving show biz. that's the day the movie "believe" opened over seas and in case you're wondering, this case coincided with the domestic release of the movie. he wanted attention while he promoted his film because an hour after the first tweet, he posted this. the media talks a lot about me. they make up a lot of lies and want me to fail but i'm never leaving you. being a believer, is a lifestyle. stop laughing, guys. to be fair, it was him, in the hospital the media who first reported he was first retiring and of course, justin isn't the first person to use a retirement for self-promotion, jay-z did it, johnny depp, hue grant, jack
5:00 pm
nickelson, amanda bynes, jackie khan, chris brown and many, many others. we can go on here. they announced or eluded to a retirement while promoting a project to call it off years, weeks, even hours later. so did it work for justin? not so much. his movie "believe" opened to just a million dollars over christmas. 14th place at the box office. 14th place at the box office. "ac 360" starts right now. >> translator: anderson, not retiring, just taking the night off. how manies are handling a holiday on ice with power lines down from michigan to main, roads too dangerous to drive. i'll also tell you what is happening now, who is about to get hit again and also, this wouldn't happen if santa, ups and fedex scramling to deliver what they couldn't deleave for christmas. missing the big day for so many


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